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Bergamot jam, Marmellata di Bergamotti, 230g
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Bergamot-Jam, Marmellata di Bergamotti, 230g

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Buy Bergamot Jam - without additives from Calabria

Bergamot Marmalade by Giuseppe Sarubbi from sun-drenched Calabria, Italy, is a real treat made by hand with passion and care. This unique creation combines the refreshing aroma and intense flavour of bergamot pulp, peel and juice with a pinch of sugar, all without the addition of artificial preservatives or flavour enhancers. With this bergamot jam, you are not only buying a taste sensation, but also a pinch of Mediterranean lifestyle.

Inspired by the rich tradition of Calabria and the unmistakable bergamot, this jam has been developed to delight your senses. Its beguilingly fresh aroma and distinctive taste will transport your taste buds to a world of delight. Bergamot, which is known for its numerous positive effects, not only gives this marmalade its delicious taste, but also a pinch of Mediterranean vitality.

The versatility of this jam makes it an indispensable companion on your breakfast table. Smear it on freshly baked bread or croissants for an aromatic start to the day. But that's not all - Giuseppe Sarubbi's bergamot marmalade also makes an excellent ingredient in a variety of recipes. Use it to enhance and fill cakes, biscuits or tarts to give them a touch of Mediterranean elegance.

What makes this bergamot jam special?

✘ without flavour enhancers

✘ without additives

♥ 100% Italian ingredients

★ traditional recipe

What is the bergamot?

The bergamot is a genus of citrus plants, a mixture of sweet lime and bitter orange. This makes the bergamot ideal for processing. This jam (Marmellata di Bergamotti) is a taste sensation from Calabria. Giuseppe Sarubbi does not use any flavour enhancers or colourings during the entire production process. You can taste that.

Ingredients: bergamot- pulp, peel, juice (50%), sugar

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Keep in the refrigerator after opening

Nährwerte / Nutrition Facts

  auf / per 100 g / ml
Energie / Energy 983kJ / 235 kcal
Fett / Total Fat 0,5g
davon: gesättigte Fettsäuren / of which: saturated fat


Kohlenhydrate / Carbohydrate 57g
davon Zucker / of which sugar 57 g
Eiweiß / Protein 0,6 g
Natrium / Natrium 4g
Ballastoffe/ Fibres 4g
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