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Coffee, Tea & Chocolate

Coffee, Tea & Chocolate

In our coffee, tea & chocolate assortment from Protos you will find

♥ Dark chocolate from Calabria
♥ Greek organic mountain tea from Greece
♥ Tea from Portugal

In Portugal, tea has a long tradition & is something very special. Whether green and black tea from the Azores or herbal, fruity & flavoured tea from the mainland, Portugal has something to offer for every tea lover. Thus, we offer Azorean tea, organic herbal tea and infusion tea from Portugal in our assortment.

To match the tea, we offer dark chocolate from Calabria from our producer Sarubbi. Here you will find chocolate with peperoncini, bergamot or orange.
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History of tea in Portugal

History of tea in Portugal
Tea has a long and fascinating history in Portugal. Although in Europe tea is more commonly associated with England, its origins lie in Portugal. The invention of the British "Five O'Clock Tea" is also credited to the Portuguese, more precisely to Catherine of Braganza. The poet Edmund Waller dedicated the following poem about Portugal to Catherine of Braganza on her birthday:

"The best of Queens, and best of herbs, we owe

To that bold nation, which the way did show

To the fair region where the sun doth rise,

Whose rich productions we so justly prize."

But back to the history of tea in Portugal. Tea was first introduced in the 16th century by Portuguese traders returning from Asia. They brought with them the tea plant, which they planted in the mountain slopes of the Azores, where the climate was ideal for its cultivation. The tea from Portugal was appreciated for its unique taste and excellent quality. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the tea culture grew in Portugal and tea became an important export product. To this day, tea is an integral part of Portuguese culture and daily life.

Tea growing Areas in Portugal

As mentioned above, Portugal has a long tradition of tea cultivation, especially in the Azores. The Azores are home to the only tea plantations in Europe. They are located in the mineral-rich "Gorreana" hills in the north of the island of São Miguel. This green island, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and a subtropical climate, offers the ideal environment for growing first-class black & green teas. The unique combination of climate and soil conditions ensures the production of high quality tea as well as organic teas. You can also find tea plants on a smaller scale in different regions of the country, including continental Portugal. The types of tea grown in Portugal are diverse and range from green tea to black tea and even oolong.

Besides these two main varieties (green and black tea from the Azores), you can also find flavoured teas, herbal and fruit teas such as citrus tea or peppermint tea in Portugal. Some tea lovers swear by the characteristic taste of Portuguese camomile tea. So there is much to discover in the world of Portuguese tea.

About Lisbon Tea Co.

We source our tea from the Lisbon Tea Company, which is based in Lisbon. Lisbon Tea Co. has
established itself as one of the leading tea brands in Portugal by selecting the best teas from all over the world. As an innovative company, Lisbon Tea Co. is constantly developing new tea blends inspired by the regions they come from, telling the stories of their journeys through their flavours. Whether you prefer a classic organic black tea or tea from the Azores, a refreshing green tea or an exotic blend such as white tea with peach or ginger passion fruit tea, the Lisbon Tea Company has something for everyone. Indulge your senses and discover the world of tea from Portugal