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product range
product range


We have been supplying business customers from various sectors since 1995.

Supplier organic wholesale bakeries (olives and olive oil)

For more than 20 years we have been proud to supply large bakeries with high quality products. Our valued customers include well-known bakeries such as Cibaria, Stocker's Backstube/Hofpfisterei, Biobäckerei Schubert, CUMPANUM, Premium Brot and many more.

One product that we offer with great care and dedication are our olives in bulk in organic and NL-Fair quality. We have the olives in different sizes and formats. Especially the Kalamata and Amfissa olives, which are stoned and cut into rounds, are ideal for further processing in bakeries. These olives are of the highest quality and offer an authentic taste that blends perfectly into baked goods.

We also supply bakeries with olive oil from the sunny countries of Spain and Greece. This high-quality olive oil gives baked goods a unique taste and a delicious note.

Our long-standing cooperation with the large bakeries is the result of our high standards and our passion for high-quality products. We are pleased that our products contribute to the bakeries being able to treat their customers to delicious and premium baked goods.

Supplier Food Wholesale & Retail

Since 1999, we have been a reliable supplier to the wholesale and retail trade, supplying customers from Berlin to Munich. Furthermore, Ökokisten are also among our business partners. We are proud to offer our extensive product portfolio to meet the needs of this industry.

Our range extends from high quality olive oil to exquisite vinegar & aceto balsamico as well as jams, tea, wine. An overview of the product range is available on request.

Supplier to the processing industry

We are also a reliable partner for the processing industry. In our portfolio we have various oils and essential oils (also in Demeter quality). You will find an excerpt of the special oils in bulk as follows:

Sesame oil (organic, Demeter)
Avocado oil (organic)
Sea buckthorn oil (Demeter)
Olive oil (conventional, organic & Demeter)
Orange oil (Demeter)
Blood orange oil (Demeter)
other essential citrus oils

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