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Mani Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Messara g.U. Kreta
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MANI Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Messara PDO, Crete, 0,5 l bottle

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Organic olive oil from Crete: MANI extra virgin olive oil, Messara PDO.

MANI organic olive oil is obtained from Koroneiki olives from the island of Crete. Farmers cultivate the olive trees traditionally and harvest by hand as far as possible. In the oil mills, only mechanical cold extraction is used. 

The Messara Plain

The Messara Plain is a geographical area with a unique climate, geology and centuries of production experience. Here, farmers cultivate the olive trees according to traditional methods and harvest them mostly by hand. This meticulous manual work ensures the outstanding quality of the olives. The fertile Messara plain, through which the river Geropotamos flows, allows intensive agriculture in this otherwise rainless area. Olive cultivation is the main source of income in the region, and irrigation of the olive trees is provided by local wells. With an area of over 150 km², the Messara Plain is an impressive and fertile area. It is bordered by the majestic Ida Mountains to the north and the picturesque Asterousia Mountains to the south. The proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the unique terroir give the olive oil there a unique character.

About the MANI extra virgin olive oil, Messara PDO

The organic olive oil is extracted from the Koroneiki olive and gently and mechanically cold extracted in oil mills using the latest technology to ensure that all the valuable ingredients are retained. This results in an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, which enchants your senses with its unmistakable fruity taste and aroma. Immerse yourself in the culinary world of Crete and experience the incomparable pleasure of this high-quality olive oil.

What makes the olive oil special?

 PDO. (protected designation of origin) from Messara, Crete




 extra virgin


This olive oil is ideal as a salad dressing or to refine stews and sauces. At the same time this olive oil is excellent with grilled and steamed vegetables.


Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil*. (GR-BIO-03)

*From controlled organic cultivation.

BBD: 30.01.2025

Olive variety: Koroneiki
Cultivation: Crete
Filling: Pirgos-Lefktrou


Nährwerte / Nutrition Facts

  auf / per 100 g / ml
Energie / Energy 3404kJ / 828 kcal
Fett / Total Fat 91,6 g
davon: gesättigte Fettsäuren / of which: saturated fat

13,7 g

einfach ungesättigte Fettsäuren / monounsaturated fat 69,2 g
mehrfach ungesättigte Fettsäuren / polyunsaturated fat 8,7 g
Kohlenhydrate / Carbohydrate  0,0 g
davon Zucker / of which sugar   0,0 g
Eiweiß / Protein   0,0 g
Salz / Salt   0,0 g
Vitamin E 24 mg°

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