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Lisbon Tea No. 94 Passion Fruit Ginger Tea, 75g
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Lisbon Tea No. 94 Passion Fruit Ginger Tea, 75g

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Passion Fruit & Ginger Tea

Infusão Maracujá & Gengibre

The aromas of passion fruit combined with the spicy, slightly hot taste of ginger as well as a harmonious selection of various fruits (pear, apple, fig, papaya and melon) and rose petals, red rosebuds and pink peppercorns make this tea variety so distinctive with a wonderful fragrance, before and after infusion. A particularly soothing pleasure. The tea is mildly spicy with a fine natural fruit sweetness.

The tea with Madeira passion fruit and ginger comes in an aroma-protecting metal tin. This keeps the aroma and fragrance of the composition for a longer time. The sweet tea is tea-free and has a light, natural fruit sweetness. Ginger is a time-honoured and effective medicinal plant and has an extremely beneficial effect as a superfood. 

Aroma Type: Passion Fruit & Ginger

Tea type: Fruit tea, infusion tea (flavoured), tea-free

Origin: Portugal (fruit), China (ginger)

Contents: Loose, 75 g. (approx. 25 cups)

Water temperature: 90° degrees Celsius

Brewing time: 6-8 min.

Ingredients: Passion fruit, ginger, pear, apple, fig, papaya, melon, rose petals, red rosebuds, pink peppercorns, natural citric acid and flavouring

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