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Cantina Orsogna

In the world of wine, there are places that go far beyond enjoyment and become symbols of community, sustainability and quality. One such place is undoubtedly the Cantina Orsogna. Since its foundation in 1964, this cooperative has developed into a vibrant centre that not only produces excellent wines, but also demonstrates a deep connection to the community and an exemplary commitment to sustainability and organic viticulture.

Camillo Zulli, the oenologist and director of the Cantina, is the driving force behind this extraordinary winegrowers' co-operative in the picturesque countryside of the province of Chieti, nestled between the majestic Abruzzo mountains and the gentle lapping of the Adriatic Sea.

Orsogna AbruzzenThe Cantina Sociale Orsogna was founded by 35 committed winegrowers pursuing a common dream: the creation of a co-operative winery that not only brings economic success but also preserves the agricultural tradition in the region.

The heart of the Cantina is not only the production of excellent organic & Demeter certified quality wines, but also the social centre, the pride of the local population. The vineyards, Demeter-certified and biodynamically cultivated, bear the Lunaria brand and symbolise the endeavour to farm in harmony with nature.

Lunaria Weine Orsogna

The Lunaria organic wines

The history of Cantina Orsogna reflects the intention to compensate for the strong fragmentation of agriculture and to offer small family businesses a chance of survival. From its beginnings with 35 members, the co-operative now has a proud 450 members working together towards one goal: to protect the environment and preserve the traditional knowledge of winegrowers.
This journey began in 1964, when the grape harvest was the most important activity in the region. The Cantina Orsogna was and is a living testimony to the "path of naturalness". The conversion to organic farming, which began in 1995 and reached the entire vineyard area by 2022, demonstrates the constant endeavour to avoid chemical products while guaranteeing the quality of production.

Cantina Orsogna is not just a place of viticulture; it is a source of inspiration that shows that community, sustainability and quality can go hand in hand. The winegrowers, who use environmentally friendly cultivation methods and are committed to protecting the soil and nature, have made the cantina a pioneer in biodiversity.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Cantina Orsogna, where wine is not just a drink, but a living story of community, sustainability and love of nature.
In our range you will find a small selection of high-quality wines from the Lunaria series:

Ruminat Primitivo Terre di Chieti IGP

The Ruminat Primitivo Terre di Chieti IGP from the Lunaria series from the Cantina Orsonga farmers' cooperative in Abruzzo is an outstanding example of a Primitivo. Primitivo red wines are known for their characteristically spicy flavour, which is reminiscent of cinnamon, cloves, black pepper and dark forest fruits. go to Product
Ruminat aus der Lunaria Serie

Coste di Moro Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
The extremely drinkable Demeter red wine from the Lunaria range from the Cantina Orsonga farmers' cooperative is an instant success. The Montepulciano is a skilfully vinified, extremely drinkable Montepulciano in Demeter quality. Clean blackberry fruit and mild, vanilla flavour with finely polished tannins, incredibly catchy and an instant success! go to Product

coste di moro lunaria orsogna

La Belle Malvasia

This aromatic white wine from Terre di Chieti (Abruzzo) is produced by the farmers' cooperative Cantina Orsonga. La Belle Malvasia is part of the outstanding Lunaria range. The Demeter-certified biodynamic vineyards of the Cantina Orsonga cooperative are marketed as a separate project under the Lunaria brand go to product

Malvasia Demeter Lunaria
The wines of Cantina Orsogna stand for a living history of community, sustainability and love of nature. Taste these excellent wines, whether red or white, and become part of the story of Cantina Orsogna.