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Lisbon Tea No. 85 White Tea with Peach, 25g
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Lisbon Tea No. 85 White Tea with Peach, 25g

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white tea with dried peach pieces and aroma

Chá Branco Pêssego

The peach for this harmonious, fruity tea blend comes from the Cova da Beira region. The soil-climatic conditions of the Cova da Beira region (central Portugal) allow for a multi-layered wine & fruit cultivation. The peach impresses with its fragrant aroma, the yellow and juicy flesh and its sweet taste.

White tea (cultivated in China) is one of the rarest and consequently most precious tea varieties worldwide. It is specially shaded and therefore low in chlorophyll, although it is one of the green teas. The young tea leaf appears silvery-white, covered with a fine down on the underside. The white leaf tea is characterised by its extraordinary mildness.

The gentle mildness of the white leaf tea offers sufficient space for the fine peach aromas and seduces with its gentle fruity taste as well as a delicate floral note. This tea composition exudes a pleasant fruity fragrance and unfolds a mildly sweet fruity note after infusion. The tea gets its natural sweetness from the fructose of the peaches.


Aroma Type: Peach

Tea type: white tea with peach pieces, infusion tea

Origin: Portugal

Contents: Loose, 25 g. (approx. 15 cups)

Water temperature: 90 - 100° degrees Celsius

Brewing time: 3-4 min.

Ingredients: white tea with dried peach pieces & aroma

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