Tomato sauce with 'Nduja, Prontosugo Alla 'Nduja, 280g

Tomato sauce with 'Nduja, Prontosugo Alla 'Nduja, 280g
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This ready-made tomato sauce with 'Nduja is a speciality from Calabria, Italy. 'Nduja is a very spicy, savoury, soft, Italian raw sausage which is used cold in Calabrian cuisine as a spread or to refine sauces. The special feature of this sauce is the care and dedication with which it is processed. Giuseppe Sarubbi refrains from using flavour enhancers and colourings during the entire production process. You can taste that.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Nduja salami (8%), extra virgin olive oil, onions, basil, salt.

This ready-made sauce is ideal as pasta sauces or also as a basic sauce for pizza. Alternatively, the heated sauce can be served on toasted white bread.

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Nährwerte / Nutrition Facts


auf / per 100 g / ml

Energie / Energy

2476kJ / 592kcal

Fett / Total Fat

54,62 g

davon: gesättigte Fettsäuren / of which: saturated fat

13,93 g

Kohlenhydrate / Carbohydrate

1,76 g

davon Zucker / of which sugar

2,45 g

Eiweiß / Protein

23,18 g





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