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Retsina GRECA TERRA, organic, 0,75l
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Retsina GRECA TERRA, Organic, 0,75l

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Organic Retsina from Greece

In Greece the retsina is experiencing a small renaissance as a worldwide unique speciality. The modern version of the resinated wine does not taste like the old days, but rather more or less like our Greca Terra. The basis is a fresh, fruity white wine that would be fun to drink even without resin. The resin dosage is deliberately adapted to the German palate and is somewhat more reserved. Surprised? Just try it, best with Mezedes = Tapas = Antipasti misti. Wonderful!

What makes Tsantali's organic retsina special?

✓ Organic

✓ Vegan

✓ low dose of resin

✓ 100% retsina from Greece

✓ 100% Roditis grape (herbal scent and pleasant spiciness)

What is retsina?

Retsina is a traditional Greek table wine that is mainly produced as a white, dry wine. It gets its uniqueness and special flavour from the addition of Aleppo pine resin during the fermentation process. Alternatively, resin from the Calibrian pine or imported yellow natural resin sandarak is also used.

The resin gives the retsina its characteristic fresh bitter taste, which is perceived as extremely appetising. It is important to know, however, that the pine resin is excreted after fermentation during the fining and filtration process and thus does not remain in the wine.

However, the addition of resin is not only for taste reasons, but long ago had the function of preventing oxidation processes in the wine. The origin of this probably lies in the sealing of wine amphorae in antiquity with resin.

How is retsina enjoyed?

This unique table wine is best served cold and is very popular with both Greek holidaymakers and die-hard Greece lovers. Imagine: You're sitting comfortably in a traditional taverna or relaxing on the beach while holding a glass of ice-cold retsina in your hand and enjoying the breathtaking sunset. A true moment of happiness!

But retsina can also be enjoyed in a slightly unconventional way. In Greece, it is quite common to mix retsina with lemonade such as Sprite or even cola. This refreshing combination gives it a very special touch and provides a pleasant surprise on your taste journey. However, we recommend enjoying the organic retsina "GRECA TERRA" pure.

Producer: Tsantali
Growing area: North of Greece
Grape variety: Roditis
Year: 2018
Temperature: 11 °C
Storage time: now + 1-2 years
Type of wine: white wine
Country: Greece
Quality: Country wine
taste: dry
Vegan: yes
Goes well with: Antipasti, sea food
volume 0,75l

Wine analysis
controlled by GR-BIO-03
Sulphurous acid free (mg/l) 32
Total acid (g/l) 4.4
Residual sugar (g/l) 1.8
Total sulphurous acid (mg/l) 182
Existing alcohol (Vol%) 12.7
Wine style uncomplicated

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