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Unser Sortiment
Unser Sortiment

Mani Bläuel

With this article, we would like to introduce our "oldest" producer and look back on almost 30 years of cooperation. Since Protos Mediterranean Specialties was founded in 1995, we have been importing olive oil and olives from the Bläuel family in Greece. It all began with our own brand "Protos olive oil, extra virgin, organic, Naturland". Mani Bläuel acted as the bottler for our own brand of olive oil.

Unser Mani Sortiment 1995Unser Mani Sortiment in 1995

The collaboration was continuously intensified and more and more Mani Bläuel products were added to our range. In the beginning, our selection of Mani products was very limited. We stocked two types of olives (Amfissa and Kalamata olives - both in brine) and two types of Mani olive oil (one organic and one conventional).

However, a lot has happened since the beginning of the collaboration in 1995 and we are happy to look back on a partnership of almost 30 years. In this context, we take a closer look at MANI, the organic pioneers from the Peloponnese.

Mani Bläuel Olive Oil

In the late 1970s, Fritz and Burgi Bläuel settled in Mani to explore alternative ways of living and farming. Fritz Bläuel worked intensively with olives and became an expert in this field. Together with olive growers, they began to develop organic farming. Farmers were contracted by the Bläuels to guarantee security of supply and make it easier to implement organic principles. Mani Bläuel was not only an olive buyer, but also a provider of know-how, a harvester and sometimes a supervisor and motivator. At that time, the Bläuels personally looked after around 300 farming families.

These efforts paid off, because thanks to Fritz and Burgi Bläuel, the first organic olive oil in Greece was certified in 1991. The MANI company, or rather the Bläuel family, is rightly regarded as an organic pioneer from the Peloponnese.

MANI organic olive oil

The vast knowledge of olives was passed on to the next generation, and today Felix and Julia run the family business. The generational change and new economic and climatic challenges have provided new impulses.

One example of this is the 100% virgin Mani olive oil. MANI supports its olive farmers in Greece by purchasing second-class olive oil. By processing the olive oils, they are not wasted and the farmers in Greece receive a fair price. With this product, MANI shows solidarity in actiongo to product - 100% virgin Mani Olive Oil

Extreme climatic conditions not only lead to lower olive oil yields, but also to poorer quality. For example, climatic changes can lead to an increase in pests such as the olive fruit fly. This damages the fruit and the acidity of the olive increases.

Another change is the Naturland Fair certification, which makes MANI's long-standing environmental and social commitment transparent and verifiable. Almost all of Mani Bläuel's table olives are now Naturland Fair certified.

Mani olives

A closer look at the Mani olive variations also shows the new generation's lettering. Creations such as pitted green and Kalamata olives marinated with oregano, chili and olive oil are not only a culinary highlight but also reflect the current zeitgeist. This creation was rightly awarded "Best Organic 2022".

Olivenmix al naturale chili kräuter mani

go to product - Olive mix al naturale with Chili & herbs

(Almost) all of MANI's olive products are vegan, raw food quality and Naturland Fair certified. Another olive highlight are the marinated green olives "al Naturale" with coriander and pink pepper. (go to product)

Behind all the innovations and new developments, however, there is a clear foundation and goal that has remained unchanged for more than 40 years - the production of high-quality organic olive oil and organic olives.

Mani Bläuel olive oil

Mani stands for high-quality organic extra virgin olive oil. However, it is not enough to grow the olives according to controlled organic standards; the location, climate, soil, olive variety and expertise (e.g. time of harvest and degree of ripeness of the olive) are also decisive.

MANI's organic olive oil combines all of these factors. The Koroneiki olive is used for all Mani olive oils. This small fruit has a particularly fruity flavor and an intense aroma. The location of the olive groves in Mani is advantageous due to the soil, climate and proximity to the sea. The stony and mineral-rich mountain soils are an important elixir of life for the old olive trees. The fruit benefits from the low number of rainy days and the many hours of sunshine. This allows the Koroneiki olive to reach its full potential. During harvest time, the olives are pressed directly in the oil mill to obtain the high-quality Mani organic olive oil.

Mani Bläuel & Protos Mediterrane Spezialitäten 

We have been importing organic olive oil, organic olives and all other Mani products from Greece for almost three decades. The consistently high quality of the products, MANI's social commitment and the partnership-based cooperation are the cornerstones of trust and successful collaboration.