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Kalamata Olives

Kalamata Olives

The Kalamata olive, also known as the Kalamon olive, stands out aromatically from the wide range of Greek olive varieties. Its unmistakable, spicy aroma also gives it the title of queen among Greek olives. The brownish-purple Kalamata olives from MANI are not only certified organic but also vegan, Naturland Fair certified and of the best raw food quality. We offer organic black olives in various forms.

Pickled in olive oil, in brine or completely natural with herbs - MANI Kalamata olives always provide a wonderful Mediterranean taste experience.
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Kalamata olives online

Kalamata olives of the Kalamon variety are very popular due to their nutritional benefits and healthy fat content. They are named after the city (Kalamata) in the Messinia region of the Peloponnese, where they originate and are produced. They are also harvested in the neighboring areas of Laconia. Their oval shape, dark purple color and intense flavor are characteristic of these olives. However, you will find a wide variety of Kalamata olives in delicatessens, supermarkets and online stores and not all of them are recommended.

With our Kalamata olives, one main criterion is paramount and that is quality. This refers to the complete cycle from cultivation & harvesting, debittering & further processing to the final end product. It is important to us that only products of the highest quality are offered in our online store. Accordingly, you will find black Kalamata olives from Mani Bläuel in Greece.

MANI olives are among the best of their kind, as Mani Bläuel focuses on the highest standards at every single stage of production. The dark purple to light brown fruits all come from certified organic olive groves. The use of pesticides is strictly prohibited here. The right degree of ripeness is awaited during the harvest. This is because the olives must be harvested when ripe so that they can reach their full flavor potential and retain their typical color. This is because Mani does NOT use artificial coloring!

For MANI, the gentle extraction of Kalamata olives is of enormous importance. After the fruit has been carefully harvested (usually by hand), the olives undergo the traditional Greek debittering process. This is a lengthy and costly process, but it pays off in terms of taste. Even if the natural fermentation (debittering) significantly lengthens the production process, the high-quality and sustainable raw food quality is maintained. (This is in complete contrast to rapid industrial debittering).

After debittering, the Mani Kalamata olives are pickled in different ways. You can therefore buy MANI olives pickled in brine or olive oil as well as al naturale (marinated with olive oil and herbs) online.

Here is another overview of the benefits of Mani blue olives:

✓ Naturland + Naturland Fair certified

♥ 100% organic + vegan

✓ Raw food

☀ naturally debittered

✓ from Greece